Fr. Douglas Mathers NYC

(These are just a few people who have traveled with me.)


“My reflections upon our recent Pilgrimage to the Holy Land begin with thoughts of the practical and end with the spiritual. Practically speaking, the scope of the Pilgrimage couldn’t be improved upon. It included visits to all of the most important places associated with Our Lord. I will surely recommend this Pilgrimage to my brother priests, to religious and to the laity.”

Sister Jeannette Roy NH

Dear Chris:

“Words can never adequately thank you for the wonderful experience I just had in the Holy Land under your most professional and spiritual guidance. The trip is something I will never forget, and let me assure you that I do plan and hope to return with you and many pilgrims from this area who are in amazement at all we have been sharing with them about the trip. I have been blessed to go to Europe and visit Lourdes, Assisi and Rome; the experiences there were great and wonderful, but this trip to the Holy Land was beyond my wildest expectations. Your knowledge and prayerfulness at each place made it so sacred and special. Besides that you also spoiled all of us with your many generous gifts along the way.”

Shelly NY


“I just wanted you to know how much our trip meant to me. I’m sure I have not yet experienced all the ramifications of it. Truly, it is a life changing event!”

Fr. William Gordon NY

Dear Chris:

“You are to be commended for your generosity of commitment in your special ministry to bring priest, religious and lay people to the Holy Land. I am amazed at the influence you have had in my life and beyond in bringing people to Israel and look at how many lives have been touched! I stated to you before and I will repeat it: since visiting Israel and the Holy Land, my life will never be the same again.”

Sr. Mary Eamon NY

“It is you, Chris, who made the experience of a life-time come alive within the soul of my life as you prayed the Gospel passages, shared faith insights from your own experiences at the holiest of places, and gave from the heart of you beautiful gifts that will be treasured and cherished. Thank you from the very deep core of my being for this once-in-a-life time experience.”

Fr. Carmen Perry Pa.

“Thank you Chris, for a wonderful trip and making it possible for priests to experience, in a prayerful and joyful way, the Holy Land. You are an exceptional persona with an exceptional apostolate. I just hope more priests and lay people take advantage of what you are making possible. The Scriptures will never be the same…and we will never be the same!”

Fr. Xavier Goulet, OFM Conv. Minnesota

“My trip to the Holy Land is one that I shall not forget. I was looking for a trip that would be filled with information but enfleshed with the spiritual experience of the places were visited. On our trip with you Chris, I experienced all of this and even more than I had anticipated. I shall ever be grateful to you for desiring to share your spiritual experience of the Holy Land with me and others.”

Fr. R. Stack Canada

“Without doubt, Chris, it was your own deep devotion to the Holy Family…and in particular to Our Blessed Mother and her Rosary that set the prayerful and peaceful tone of this “Tour of a Lifetime!” I therefore highly recommend this PILGRIMAGE to the HOLY LANDS to every priest, deacon, and lay person.”

Fr. John Peters Arizona


“I want you to know that each day was a wonderful day in my life that was spent on the pilgrimage. The reverence for each holy place visited with prayer and reflection. I pray that more priests, deacons, sisters and lay people take advantage of your pilgrimage and your ministry.”

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