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Catholic Upcoming Trips – Catholic Holy land Pilgrimage Trips Christ KHS

Upcoming Trips Catholic Holyland Prilgrimage Christ KHSThese are the only trips I have planned so far for 2016. I usually do two trips in the Fall and two trips in the Spring and these trips usually sell out 3-6 months before the departure date. Please be patient with me as this is my ministry and I am not a travel agent. I put a lot of myself into each of these trips as well and being your personal guide. This is usually the maximum number of trips I make a year. You can call me and ask for land only prices and you can get your own air to and from Israel. If you have a large enough group we can reserve a date for your group – need 30 people

Go to the front page for registration pages with price. Airlines will not give me prices for the air tickets until nine month prior to departure date. On those dates which fall outside those date no registration will be able until I get airline prices.

You may also purchase your own air and get a land only price. Please call for the land only price and give the dates.

    • Sorry, we don’t go during the summer because its too hot and too expensive.


  • February 13-24, 2022  Jerry DeMelo group from California
  • March 27- April 8,2022 – Click for Registration trip is half full and best time of the year to go. Only 18 seats left
  • May 8-19, 2022 – Click for Registration
  • June 12-23, 2022 – Click for Registration
  • October 10-21, 2022 Mike Coulter Group going out of Dallas, Texas call Mike at 936-788-3367
  • November 6-17, 2022
  • December 4-15, 2022Date of trip is over a year no prices can be obtained from the airlines so no registration page will show up.We need 27 people on each flight in order for it to happen. We are not sure which airlines will be flying to Israel but American, Delta, Untied and El Al Airlines will be flying non-stop from east coast to Israel. It will be mandatory for all pilgrims to have proof of vaccination shot for the virus.

    Upcoming Trips Catholic Holyland Prilgrimage Trips Christ KHS

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