A little about love

A little about love.  Someday we will look back at our time here on earth and you will understand that many things that occurred to you were both exercises in love, and opportunities to love. I believe there is a misunderstanding about love in this world, but those who follow Jesus seek to master love as He mastered love in sacrifice.

It is true that love creates joy. But when we take on love, it is also at times like taking on a burden which must then be carried.  We should not find that love is burdensome at times, and then set it down and walk away from it. This is not how it should be done. This is what is happening in the world today and maybe in your own family.  If you love as Jesus loved you will find that at times that the weight of love becomes heavy.  Jesus experienced this love on His way to Calvary and He did this for both you and I.  Did He make the right decision to pay the ultimate price for love?  Of course He did, and He would do it again just for you because His love for you is that strong.  In love, there are times when the burden of love causes us to question our commitment.  Do not be afraid of these moments. This questioning is necessary for your spiritual growth.

Example :When making trip to the Holy Land with 53 people I don’t know, and I left my business, my family and everything I loved to spend 10 days with you and then after ten days say good bye and will never see you again. I asked myself many times why I am doing this?

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