These are 10 unique things that this pilgrimage provide where by all the others do not

  1. The first three days in Jerusalem we celebrate Mass in the Tomb of Christ and  on Calvary as we always have two priests with our group.
  1. We have a holy hour in the Garden of Gethsemane on a Wednesday or Thursday night.
  2. We read Holy Scripture at all the holy sites as closely as know where it took place along with personal reflections.
  3.  We celebrate Mass daily at all the holy sites, and some days we have two Masses.
  4. We enroll everyone in the brown scapular on Mt. Carmel.
  5. We visit all the mystery sites of the Holy Rosary.
  6. 99% of all pilgrims coming to the Holy Land will not see what we will see. Ready our itinerary as compared to other trips. This pilgrimage was sent up specifically for priests only, but now available to laity.
  7.  Our experienced guide has taken 85 trips to the Holy Land from the US. He knows the best places to eat each day and the best hotels. We will be comfortable and well fed.
  8. Our guide has written a book on the holy Land which we read from 4-5 times each day.

Our  guide has 38 years of experience taking pilgrims to the Holy Land from the US.

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